Pacer provides total support on social media promotion which targeting foreigners visiting Japan,
support of cross-border ECommerce.

Inbound Tourism

Pacer provides optimized inbound marketing services which targeting foreign travelers visiting Japan, according to different status “Before traveling to Japan”, “During the travel” and “After travel”. We help to presenting the excellent Japanese services and products to foreigners, while discovering the real Japan and contributing to the tourism industry at the same time.

Pacer members came from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Therefore We can provide planning and services according to real-time and accurate local information of each country. Also, when working on inbound marketing, many companies have insufficient knowledge of overseas market, so we are please to provide support services such as in-house seminars, training and educational activities.

We provide overall inbound marketing service including upstream design, communication design, campaign, multilingual content marketing, advertisement planning, and CRM measures, social media which are strengths of our group companies.

In addition, we provide supporting from a marketing standpoint, and we work with customers to establish system that serve as a foundation for realizing them.

EC Support

Pacer propose overseas consumption strategy and strengthening of contact points after making a visit to Japan (turning customer to a repeater).

To set up cross-border EC, there are many issues that needed to be concerned, such as language, domestic law, payment services, logistics etc. It is difficult for one company to complete all the tasks by their own.

Pacer provide a total support starting from preparation to operation of cross-border EC.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you want to develop your own Ecommerce site, or setting up a shop on the oversea shopping site.

  • · Market Research, Strategic Design, Partner Selection
  • · Construction and operation
  • · Promotion (including acquire new customer, build relationship with existing customers)
  • · Customer support
  • · Payment services, logistics, inventory management

Social Media Marketing
for domestic
and overseas market

Pacer support content marketing for domestic and overseas markets specializing in social media. Starting from “WeChat”, “Weibo” in China, “Facebook” in Taiwan, Hong Kong and East Asia, social media became indispensable communication tools in daily life worldwide.

Pacer designs KGI settings and KPI settings with customers in view of CRM, and offers wide range of support for launching advertisement distribution, and content creation etc. Particularly in recent years, 1to 1 communication with users has become very important, we also offer AI Bot and real chat center services.

“WeChat” Strategy

WeChat, also called China version LINE, active users has already exceed 1 billion, and became an important tools of China marketing. Pacer has strong connection with WeChat provider, Tencent, so that we can provide services that make good use of our strengths in planning and risk management.

“Facebook, Instagram“ Strategy

Beside China, over 90% of internet population in Taiwan and Hong Kong are Facebook users. Facebook is a social media that not only contribute to brand recognition, but also directly to sales. Pacer’s group companies MindFree and FunP have been working as a early Facebook’s service provider in cooperation with Facebook since around 2010 and possess overwhelming expertise as a leading expert.

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Strategy

KOL strategy provide promotion services that utilize information dissemination by highly influential users. Pacer provides support from the selection of suitable media and KOL according to products and services nature, communication design, and implementation of promotion. Pacer group company own the largest KOL network in Taiwan and Hong Kong, so Pacer can make timely, stable and effective proposals.

By purpose:

  • · Branding (Reach)
  • · Campaign Strategy (Engagement)
  • · Promotion of store visiting and purchasing (Conversion)

Service contents:

  • · Social Media account strategy, communication design
  • · Contents (posting, campaign etc) production and distribution
  • · Result analysis, improvement proposal
  • · Follower acquisition, diffusion measurement , various campaign proposals
  • · Advertisement plan design
  • · Creative proposal and production
  • · Advertisement operation
  • · Reporting

Group Company

MindFree, which started social media marketing services since the early stage of social media usage in Japan, has the top-class know-how on social media marketing. funP, which providing advertisement operation services of Taiwan and other Asia countries, has made a great achievement on marketing industry. By combining the knowledge of these 2 group companies, Pacer provides all-rounded inbound marketing support specializing social media.


    • ・ Support for inbound market promotion
    • ・ Cross-border EC activation support
    • ・ Social media advertising support for Japan and overseas markets
  • MindFree

    • ・ Social Media Marketing Business
    • ・ Communication Platform Development Business
    • ・ Onimi Channel CRM Business
    • ・ Website Management Business
  • funP

    • ・ Digital Advertisement Acgency
    • ・ Ads Operation Tool and RTB System Development
    • ・ Digital Marketing Management, Consulting Service

Our products

TenMax Advertising Network

TenMax Advertising Network

It is an ad network that holds Taiwan’s No. 1 native advertising inventory. The first in the industry to achieve keyword-based targeting, we can target potential visitors to Japan.

cacaFLY KOL Network

cacaFLY KOL Network

We have the largest KOL network in Taiwan, and we propose KOL selection and planning according to the customer’s issues.

adHub AD management tool

adHub AD management tool

Advertising Management Platform adHub
A cross media advertising management platform which is able to create, manage ad campaigns, and automate ad operation across multiple advertising media accounts.